From Media Brief to Post-Campaign Report


Our process is designed with out clients' goals in mind.  It starts when we receive a brief or sometimes a media challenge from our clients.


Media Planning - Media Brief


Our process typically begins witha  media brief delivered by the client that outlines their brand, marketing and sales objectives.  The brief may also include the creative idea or target audience. 


Additional background data on previous campagins, sales, performance and other KPI's are helpful.  A budget is a key component of the media brief but often the budget is the task of JPB Media Group. 


Media Planning - Media Research 


Extensive research and analysis of our findings is at the core of our media planning process. Qualitative and Quantitative media are research provided for each plan.  A tailored media landscape presentation presented annually, or as requested for each of our client.  JPB Media Group believes that understanding the changing media landscape is especially important. 


Media Planning - Plan Development


JPB Media Group develops integrated national, regional, brand and direct response media plans based on key research findings and campaign objectives.  Plans may include digital, print and social media components. Target reach and frequency estimates and performance metrics and KPI's are projected for each campaign. 


Media Buying


JPB Media Group maintains strong relationships with media vendors in the digital, print and soctial media sectors.  These relationships facilitate media negotiations and efficiencies.  Once campaign RFP's and negotiations have taken place, media buys IO's and contracts are confirmed.  Media schedules and blocking charts are generated for each campaign and used as a reference going forward.